Support Groups

Support Groups

Below are the many autism spectrum disorder (ASD) support groups that are available to your and your family. Click on the website links to find out more information on each support group. Contact the support group if you have further questions about becoming a member, programs and services offered, events, postings, etc.

Manitoba Supports

National Supports

Provincial Supports

Facebook Support Groups

 Support Blogs

There may not be a support group in your area – perhaps the need is there but no one formed a group, or one that was in existence has ceased to meet.  Don’t be afraid to start one of your own.  All support groups began with people coming together to reduce their own isolation and share their lived experience.  Many grassroots movements across our country began with a small group of individuals coming together to support each other and talk about their visions and hopes for the future.  If you would like to explore how to start up a support group, here are some helpful hints to guide you along the way: