Sibling Groups

Sibling Groups

Sometimes a sibling of a child who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may also need support. It is important to be aware with how your other children are feeling in the family and how they are interacting with your child who has ASD. Sibling support groups may have a positive and therapeutic influence on the siblings of children who have ASD. Below are the sibling support groups available in Manitoba.


Sibshops is a workshop available for the brothers and sisters of a sibling who has a special need. Sibshops provide peer support for siblings by offering a venue for children to celebrate themselves and their families. This program is open to siblings of children with special needs who are aged 8-12 years old. The program is run by Julie Walsh, who has her Masters of Social Work, through the Aulneau Renewal Centre located in St. Boniface Winnipeg. To register your child for this workshop or to get more information contact:

Aulneau Renewal Centre
228 Hamel Avenue
Winipeg, MB  R2H 0K6
Phone: (204) 987-7090

Manitoba ASD Organizations

Manitoba ASD organizations may offer support to siblings of children who have ASD. Click HERE to view our resource database of Manitoba support groups to get contact information. It is important to contact and look into different support groups as each organization offers their own types of family support.