Macdonald Youth Services

MYS fosters hope and opportunities to empower children, youth and families throughout Manitoba to grow and heal through safe, caring, respectful and collaborative relationships.The agency is structured into six service areas that provide both placement (i.e. residential programming) and community support services.
Placement Services:
Alternative Parent Home (APH)
Adolescent Resources in Community Homes (ARCH)
Specialized Individual Placement Services (SIP)
Support Services:
Services To Older Adolescents (STOA)
Youth Resource Centre / Shelter
Positive Alternatives for Youth (PAY)
Community Service Support Project (CSSP)
Support Towards Education/Employment Participation (STEP)
Youth Positively Involved in the Community (YPIC)
Mentor Training and Support (MTS)
Fine Option and Community Service Orders
Life Train Program
Asset Building Program (ABP)
Youth Crisis Stabilization System (YCSS)

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