First Steps

First Steps

It can be difficult to determine the first steps you need to take when parents believe that their child may have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or, when your family receives an ASD diagnosis. It may be a confusing and overwhelming time for many parents, as they will have many questions that they want to be answered. They may be unsure what their child's needs are and how they can get the help they need from services available in Manitoba.

Below is a road map for parents in Manitoba to follow once their child has been diagnosed with an ASD.  To learn more about the different stages in the road map, click on the links on the left toolbar.

Autism Spectrum Disorder – Road Map for Families in Manitoba


  • Child Development Clinic - SSCY Centre
    1155 Notre Dame Ave
    Winnipeg, MB R3E 3G1
    Fax: 204-258-6798
  • St.Amant Autism Programs: 204-256-4301 extension 7041
  • Autism Outreach Services: (204) 945-2295
  • MATC – Neurodevelopmental Disorder Program: 204-958-9660
  • *Children’s disABILITY Services:
  • *Community Living Disability Services:
  • *marketAbilities Program:
  • *Service Locations:
    • Winnipeg Service Locations:
    • Rural and Northern Service Locations:
  • Autism Society of Manitoba:
  • Asperger Manitoba Inc.:
  • MFEAT:
  • ADAPT (Association for Developmental Autism Programs and Therapies):
  • Community Living Manitoba:    204-786-1607