Becoming Familiar with Funding in Manitoba Schools

Becoming Familiar with Funding in Manitoba Schools

Funding for public school divisions in Manitoba is administered by the Department of Education and Training Finance Branch and by the Public Schools Finance Board. School divisions personnel allocate their funding to provide appropriate educational programming for all students within their schools.

There are two general types of funding:

Base Funding

  • Is provided to support all students
  • Is based on the total number of students in the school division
  • Includes funding for instructional support, curricular materials, information technology counseling and guidance and the student services grant

Categorical Funding

This level of funding is being phased out as Manitoba Education and Training adopts a non-categorical approach to supporting students within Manitoba schools.  Until the phase out is completed, many school divisions and schools will continue to use Categorical funding to to address the needs of specific students and;

  • Includes grants for students for whom English is an additional language,
  • Includes student-specific Level 2 and 3 funding

The process for determining eligibility for level 2 or 3 funding requires Manitoba Education to consider applications on an individual basis. The Student Services Administrator together with resource teachers and other division-based personnel identify those students requiring exceptional supports who meet the Guidelines for Level 2 or 3 funding support.

Students who have moderate to profound ASD may be eligible.

For more information about Student Services Funding in Manitoba can be viewed at: