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What are supports available for students with ASD in the public school system?

Student-Specific Planning Through a student-specific planning a student support team works to identify a student’s unique learning needs and to determine, implement and evaluate appropriate educational programming. A student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) documents the student-specific planning in place that will help the student move the next step beyond their current level of performance. Information […]

What are some of the options available for post-secondary education?

Each post-secondary education institution offers an array of supports to students with disabilities. These can include preferred classroom seating, alternate testing environments, increased time to complete assignments and tests/exams, scribes for note-taking, voice recording for lectures, and much more. You can learn more at or by visiting websites for the post-secondary education site you […]

Who can I ask for help in the school system?

In the school system, the classroom teacher is your first point of contact. More assistance may be found with the principal or vice principal and the school’s resource teacher. Further information may be found at the school division level with the student services administrator. At the Department of Education level, there is an autism consultant […]