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What are my rights to accommodations on the job?

All people have the right to reasonable accommodations in their lives, taking into account their needs, the ability of society to respond to those needs and the equivalent cost to doing so. If you are concerned about your rights to accommodation, speak to the human resources department at your workplace to learn more. The Manitoba […]

How can employers learn more about ASD?

Many community-based organizations (like Asperger Manitoba Inc., Autism Society of Manitoba, St.Amant Centre, etc.) provide workshops on autism spectrum disorders or can connect an employer with someone who can provide the needed training.

Are there employments supports for individuals with ASD?

The following are some examples of accommodations available to people with disabilities when taking pre-employment tests: What is alternative format? Alternative format is any format that is different from the existing test. Alternative format may be: large print, Braille, color-coded text, audio (reader, tape/cd, or computer). What is extended time? Extended time means allowing the […]