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Hope Centre Ministries

Hope Centre Ministries facilitates and runs several programs specifically for individuals who live with disabilities and their families.  We offer opportunities for people to grow in their relationship with God and with others, and aim to be a source of we seek to be a source of encouragement, care, resources and advocacy.

Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre (MATC) Neurodevelopmental Services

Neurodevelopmental services can provide educators with consultative support in programming for children with ASD and complex multi-diagnostic issues. Schools throughout Manitoba can request this service through MATC Centralized Intake at 204-958-9660.

Manitoba Education and Training – Directory of Services

A directory listing organizations within Manitoba that may be of support to students, families and school teams programming for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

St.Amant Centre

St.Amant offers Autism Services programming through its Applied Behaviour Analysis Program. ABA uses behavioural sciences and techniques in a planned and systematic way to assess, teach and improve socially significant behaviours to help and individual with autism to lead a full and fully functional life.

The Rehabilitation Centre for Children

The Rehabilitation Centre for Children supports children and youth in Manitoba and surrounding areas in achieving their goals and participating in their communities. Now housed at Specialized Services for Children and Youth on Notre Dame Avenue in Winnipeg.

Manitoba Riding for the Disabled

The Manitoba Riding for the Disabled Association is a charitable non-profit organization formed in 1977 to provide a therapeutic riding program for children with disabilities. Manitoba Riding for the Disabled Association is a certified riding program in Manitoba and a member of the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association. We provide therapeutic riding to children 6 to […]

Saturday Night for Teens

A fun monthly program for youths and young adults aged 12 to 21. Activities include music, adapted dance, art, and food preparation.  Twelve youth attend each month. The program runs from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. Saturday Night for Teens is one program in the Leisure in Fun Environments (L.I.F.E. Program) at the Rehabilitation Centre for […]

Association for Developmental Autism Programs and Therapies (ADAPT)

ADAPT Manitoba is a group of parents and professionals who value and support developmental therapies for children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  ADAPT collects and shares information about Manitoba programs and events that share a developmental perspective, provides a connecting place through social media, and hosts occasional social events.

Macdonald Youth Services

MYS fosters hope and opportunities to empower children, youth and families throughout Manitoba to grow and heal through safe, caring, respectful and collaborative relationships.The agency is structured into six service areas that provide both placement (i.e. residential programming) and community support services. Placement Services: Alternative Parent Home (APH) Adolescent Resources in Community Homes (ARCH) Kisewatisiwin […]